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PETS... the UK's first puppet-sitcom for adults, originally produced as 26 episodes for Channel 4, and subsequently sold world-wide.







"...the superior PETS followed a collection of animals around their semi-derelict council flat. The show revelled in violent surrealism (exorcisms, urine-drinking, entering Stars In Their Eyes) but the novelty was trumped by consistently superb writing." (Justin Quirk, May 2008)

Since 2007, the original series has appeared online, thanks to the efforts of a serious core of die-hard fans.

This has led to an astonishing 2,000,000 downloads in the last eighteen months!

You can watch a couple of complete episodes - plus an Italian pop video in which the puppets appeared! - by clicking here.




The show follows the every-day lives of four, foul-mouthed animals trapped in the house-share from hell, and features two barking mad dogs, a drug-crazed cat and a really irritating

featherless parrot  (who thinks he is Captain Picard, from Star Trek...). And who lost all his feathers in a card game...

Over the course of two series and twenty-six episodes, the pets undertake a series of bizarre adventures - from discovering a parallel universe in the airing cupboard, through falling under the Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, and on to revealing finally the true identity of Jack The Ripper...


The show has been reviewed in The Guardian:





A spin-off production, Petshow, has gone to a third series on MTV Italy

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