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The Comedy Sketch Writer's Handbook
PRICE: £15.00 + £1.50 P&P

This is the ultimate, practical guide to writing funny sketches for TV, radio and live theatre!

Written by Andrew Barclay, who has created   sketches for Lenny Henry, Simon Pegg, Paul McKenna, Sally Phillips and many others, this lively and entertaining handbook introduces the writer to the key, structural devices for creating well-crafted, commercially-viable sketch scripts.



Top of Form 2


Bottom of Form 2

"I’ll be recommending your book to other sketch people. It’s one of the only good, relevant sketch comedy books I’ve managed to find."   - Nick Leonard, course tutor, Hyena Comedy, San Francisco



So, you want to write comedy sketches for TV and Radio, but you’re not sure how to get started? Or you’d like to put on a show, but don’t know where to find the people you’ll need? Well, look no further!

We produce a complete guide to comedy sketchy writing, and the similarly complete guide to creating your own live show. Each of our handbooks is priced at just £15 (+ £1.50 p&p). Or you can buy the two together for just £25 (+ 2.50 p&p), saving you over five pounds! (see, below)

Dino and the Girls
Cabaret Sketch 1

Packed with practical advice on developing strong comedy characters and credible dialogue, as well as hints and tips for getting scripts in front of

professional programme-makers and producers, the handbook offers everything the new or advanced writer needs to get writing funny sketches quickly and regularly.

Includes: * sketch-writing structure guide * comedy formulae * script-editing techniques * character creation * dialogue development * comedy brand analysis * tv markets * mini fringe production guide * and more!

Cabaret Sketch 2
Stage Show scene

This comprehensive and entertaining guide to creating a professional-looking Fringe show is the essential aid to anyone about to take their first steps as a producer!

Designed both for the complete beginner and the producer with a little experience, the handbook takes a practical, step-by-step approach to the craft of theatrical production, examining in detail everything that is required to get a show up and running successfully.

Stage Scene 2

Emphasising the need to impose a disciplined approach to the planning, development and presentation of a production, the handbook aims to encourage the reader to 'jump-start' his or her skills as a professional producer. With an eye on the long-term, too,

the book acknowledges that many experienced theatre, radio and TV producers began their careers on the Fringe!

The handbook is written by Andrew Barclay, who has been producing live shows on the London and Edinburgh Fringes for the past fifteen years, and who now uses that experience in his role as a TV producer.

Includes: * how to build a theatre company * selecting a show to produce * finding and booking a venue * publicity and PR guide * the Edinburgh Festival experience * creating a budget * problem-solving * the rehearsal process * health and safety overview * the fringe and working for 'free' * and much more!


"Yes - it covers just about everything I need to know about putting on my show. It's really helpful, and I'll keep using it as I go along."
- Lisa Manning, new Fringe producer !

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Bottom of Form 1

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The Fringe Theatre Producer’s Handbook
PRICE: £15.00 + £1.50 P&P